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We are your first port of call to see all the upcoming black friday vape bargains in one place. Come here first for Black Friday Vape Deals 2021 before you spend your hard-earned.

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We keep an ongoing list of all the best Black Friday vape shops during the big sale season – and after too. If you want to see which vape stores, keep their Cyber Monday deals live hit below.

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Black Friday Vape Deals FAQ

Got a question about Black Friday?

Black Friday is the last Friday of every November. So while the actual date changes each year, the period remains the same. For 2021, it’s Friday 26th November.

The origins of Black Friday come from the USA. It was the time in the year, when businesses moved ‘into the black’. Eg: They finally made a profit. At which point they gave up on frugality and started doing big deals.

From discounts as deep as 50% on big named vape brands, to vape bundles and huge price cuts on multipack deals. Black Friday vape shopping tends to be a very fruitful experience every year.

For the most part, being a junior industry means it’s fairly clear of some of the tactics of the big retailers. Few companies are making Black Friday only products, which means the vape deals are real and worth checking out.

Yes, as a shopper in the UK you are protected by the same rules that govern transactions in store as anytime of the year. Online shoppers are also protected by the distance selling regulations.

The rules governing these Black Friday vape deals are the same as any sales regulations. It is a legal requirement that any item listed as a sale item, was the original marked up price for at least 30 days prior.

If you want to get the best Black Friday vape deals, then you want to get here early. That means before Black Friday, but it’s the same for any BF or Cyber Monday participant. Many big retailers love to drop some killer deals early on to get others excited. 

Amongst our Black Friday participating vape stores, a good few offer cashback schemes, such as rebates for reviews, where you get a percentage back to your paypal for leaving feedback.

Black Friday gets a bad rap sometimes. Some of it’s justified, it forces many retailers into running deals they perhaps can’t afford. No one likes to see a business run into trouble. But there is an upside, it stimulates spending. No one loves hitting the high streets like they used to and a cold November the 26th, probably was never a big day for business. We see Black Friday as an opportunity for a lot of businesses to loosen the burden of stock that is collecting dust too. That’s a win for them. Is Black Friday bad? It doesn’t have to be.

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday –  or for many.. What is Cyber Monday? It’s nothing more than the online version of Black Friday. These days with more shopping happening online, it’s falling a bit by the way side as online deals get in on the action too. But if you ever wondered what it it, or what it was, that’s it. Cyber Monday is to the internet, what Black Friday is to the high street. 

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