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about us

Our Story

Here at Black Friday Vape, we are just a couple of vapers who love a bargain. This is our pet project

Fred and I have worked in the vape industry since the time e-liquids could come in glass bottles shaped like skulls and when there was no limit to how much nicotine you could sell

A lot of what we do is focused around writing and reviewing vapes, so we thought we would make a site that listed a shed load of deals and a whole list of links for where to find them.

Pretty straightforward, that’s what you get with BFV. 

Why we are different

Some companies promote price, some sell on service, well we are a shop that isn’t a shop. We focus on reviews and tips and if we can find a great link for a product at a great price, we will send you their way instead. How does that work?

Well, if you shop with them, they know it came from us and we think they will reward us for linking you two together – if they don’t then they lose free promo. That means good prices for you, and a gratitude our way that allows us to keep the site running.

Because we do this as a labour of love and nothing more, anything we do sell on here, can be priced super low, as long as it boosts our beer fund, we are up. Got any question or want to list your deals with us, hit the button.

why we are different

Cheap Kits

If you want deals on kits, then bookmark us, because it's really the only point of our existence.

Cheap E-liquids

When you need to buy them every week, it's a good idea to try and save some money.

Cheap CBD

It's not cheap in most places, but we think you may like the prices we have found on old Mary Jane.



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