Vape Advice 101

Vape advice doesn’t need to be confusing or hard to find. Black Friday Vape isn’t our only involvement in the vape game, so we know a thing or two when it comes to doling out e-cigarette advice. Having written more blogs on the topic and made more vaping Youtube videos than we care to count, we think there’s really only 4 main articles you need to look at.

We have put them together in our vape advice hub and here they are. We have opted for – What vape to buy, how to know what liquids to start with – is any of it safe and why; and how to make things run smoothly. That’s it really, and when you’re done with this, go check out the reviews and deals. 

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Buying Your First Vape Kit

When it comes to the cornerstone of vaping advice, knowing what is the right vape for you, pretty much tops it. Read our first time vape shopper tips.

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Vape Safety Guide

Vaping vs Smoking – is vaping safe? We know the questions you want answered, so this vape advice guide is all about vaping safely and how it stacks up against cigs.

Understanding E-liquid

Buying an e-liquid for the first time, can feel like you’re being made to read sanskrit. It can feel a little overwhelming right? Here’s our e-liquid advice guide

read a guide to vape maintenance

Vaping has it’s quirks and it’s irritations. Not just the odd leak, but how to take care of coils, how not to guzzle the liquid etc. Our advice here will help you hack your way

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