How to take care of a vape

TL;DR – Tips to help you look after your vape gear, is the focus here. With daily use, our beloved vape mods and gear can take a pounding. Throw in a few dry firing hits as you sit on the push button, the odd drop and plenty of bag fluff, taking care of your vape gear can really save you money. Read on and see if you could benefit from these top tips…

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How to make your vape last longer

Is your vape going through juice and battery life like the clappers? Or do your coils seem to burn out with hardly any use? 

While vaping is a cheaper alternative to smoking, you might find that when you are getting through juice and coils so often that costs are adding up. Not to mention the frustrations of a dead battery.

There are simple hacks to make your vape last longer in every way. Knowing these tricks can help you to keep juice in your tank and money in your pocket. 

In this blog, we are going to share our top ways to make your vape last longer. That includes your coils, juice, battery and of course, the kit itself. If you are someone who is finding themselves hunting around down the back of the sofa for a few drops of juice in an old bottle, then you need to read this! 

How long do vape coils last?

How long vape coils last is down to a few different factors

  1. How often you vape
  2. Your wattage
  3. Your ejuice

Generally, your coils should last you around 1-2 weeks. However, if you are vaping very often or using a thicker, high VG e liquid then this could be less. 

How can I make my coils last longer?

Stretching your coil life a few extra days can help to save you from changing them so often. Here are a few ways to make your vape coils last longer:

  1. Keep your coils clean – Over time of vaping you will notice that the coils get gunked up with residue eliquid. This can impact the coils performance and cause it to age quicker. You can keep your coils clean with a simple routine, which we share later in this blog. 
  2. Change the wattage – Your coil will come with a recommended wattage. We suggest that you alter your volts to 3.7 by adjusting your wattage. This could be likened to the 56MPH, 5th gear, petrol saving, driving. You might decide that dropping the wattage by 10% of the recommendation will not change the performance, but will make the coils, battery and juice last 10% longer. 
  3. Prime your coils – Before you use your new coil give it time to saturate the eliquid. If you vape too soon it will burn out the coil before you’ve even had a proper chance to use it. 
  4. Stop chain vaping – If you’ve gotten into the habit of chain vaping, then your coils are going to burn out quicker than if you were just using your vape during work breaks. If you are not satisfied by your vape then you could change to a higher nicotine dose so you need to vape less often.

How to clean my vape coils? 

Cleaning your vape coils is simple and can get you a few more days out of your coil just by taking the time to do some maintenance. 

What you need:

  • Ceramic bowl
  • Coil head
  • Grain alcohol 
  • Old toothbrush or cleaning tool
  • Paper towel 

How to deep clean your vape coils 

  • Rinse the residue off your coil head
  • Brush the coil head with the toothbrush or tool
  • Soak the coil head in the grain alcohol for 12 hours
  • Rinse under the hot tap and soak in a bowl of cold water
  • Dry your coil using paper towel then air dry it overnight
  • Be sure that it is 100% dry before you put it back in your device

Cleaning your coils isn’t going to bring them back to full health, but it should hopefully buy you a little more time while you wait for your new coils to be delivered. 

How to make vape juice last longer

If you seem to be buying 50ml or 100ml bottles often then you might be interested in how to make your vape juice last longer. Here are a few tips to stretch your ejuice through another few days or even weeks! 

  1. Low power, high resistance device

If you are vaping a high powered device for sub ohm vaping then you will be using more ejuice. Try stripping back to the basics of vaping – starter kits. 

Think high resistance, low power and increased nicotine strengths. You might just have a basic pod kit or starter device for your day time vaping, then another cloud chaser for when you are home or other occasions. 

  1. Use nic salts or higher nicotine

Sub ohm vaping isn’t recommended for above 6mg nicotine. If you are sub ohm vaping but craving nicotine then you might find you are having to take more puffs to curb cravings. If you use nic salts or high strength high PG eliquid in a low powered device then you can satisfy the nicotine cravings faster. This way you’ll need to vape less to hit the spot. 

  1. Take the power down

If you are set on using your adjustable wattage mod then try taking the power down. Take it as low as possible without impairing your vape experience too much!  

How long should vape juice last

The answer to this comes down to whether you are using the correct nicotine level and if you are actually taking vaping breaks. If you are having breaks and have your nicotine level spot on then you could vape 1-3ml a day. 

Most vapers using high PG juice in low powered devices could see their 10ml bottle lasting a week. However, if you are sub ohm vaping high VG juice then it may not last so long.

How to make my vape battery last longer

If you are someone who is out and about all day, away from charging points, then making your vape battery last longer is going to be very important. 

Vape batteries can range from built in 300mAh to 5200mAh or external single or dual batteries. If flashing battery lights on your vape is happening too often for your liking then there are a few things you can do to make your vape battery last longer. 

  1. Don’t overcharge – Overcharging batteries can reduce their lifespan as it can cause it to overheat. Once your vape battery has fully charged unplug it. 
  2. Use the correct charger – While your mobile phone charger might fit your vape mod it doesn’t mean you should use it. Your phone charger is likely much more powerful and will therefore put stress on the battery. 
  3. Store it correctly – Leaving your vape battery somewhere too hot or too cold can damage the battery. Make sure you store it correctly. On a side note for safety – If you are using external batteries always keep them in a case when they are not in use. 
  4. Vape at a low power – High power will need more volts to run it. If you reduce your volts by 10% you will probably not notice a difference in your vape experience but you will save your battery by 10%.
  5. Turn off your device – Conserve the battery power by turning off the device when you are not using it. Most devices are 5 clicks on, 5 clicks off. 

How to make your vape kit last longer 

A vape device is powered by a battery, and like all things with a battery, they will have a shelf life. Some vape devices are hardy like the Nokia 3310’s of the world, whereas others seem to have issue after issue. 

There are ways to make your vape kit last longer, and it starts from the moment you choose your device. Here are a few ways to make your vape kit last longer by investing in the right one.

Internal vs external battery

When the battery is built into the device  it will mean that when the battery inevitably gives up you will have to buy an entire new kit. However, choosing an external battery powered device means you can just replace the battery rather than the whole kit. 

External battery devices are mostly found in higher powered kits, so you will need to consider if this is the type of vaping for you. 

Choose a device with room to grow

Make your vape kit last longer by choosing one that will see you through your vaping days. While it might be tempting to get a £10 starter kit you will inevitably want to change it when you get to know your vaping style. Instead, look for a device with mouth to lung and direct to long coil options. This will open up lots of different e liquids, nicotine levels and vaping styles.

Take care of it 

Make sure you look after your vape device. You can do this by:

  • Keeping it out of hot or cold environments
  • Cleaning the coils and tank
  • Using a case 

How to make your vape gear last longer

Overall, if you are looking to make your kit, coils, battery and vape juice last longer then, in a nutshell, you need to do the following:

  1. Keep your tank and coils clean
  2. Turn your vape off when not in use
  3. Only use the charger your tech came with
  4. Turn the power down on your device 
  5. Increase your nicotine to reduce amount of vaping
  6. Store your battery and device correctly
  7. Take care of your kit!!